Real Estate Glossary

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A radioactive gas found in some homes that, if occurring in strong enough concentrations, can cause health problems. 
Real Estate Agent  
An individual who is licensed to negotiate and arrange real estate sales; works for a real estate broker. 
A real estate agent or broker who is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, and its local and state associations. 
Paying off one loan by obtaining another; refinancing is generally done to secure better loan terms (such as a lower interest rate). 
Rehabilitation Mortgage  
a mortgage that covers the costs of rehabilitating (repairing or improving) a property; some rehabilitation mortgages such as the FHA's 203(k) allow a borrower to roll the costs of rehabilitation and home purchase into one mortgage loan. 
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act; a law protecting consumers from abuses during the residential real estate purchase and loan process by requiring lenders to disclose all settlement costs, practices, and relationships